Recommended Reading List


Ahlberg, Allan    The Children Who Smelled a Rat
Ahlberg, Allan   Mrs. Wobble the Waitress
Anholt, Laurence   Seriously Silly Stories
Arkle, Phyllis    The Railway Cat
Barber, Antonia    Dancing Shoes series
Bentley, Sue   Magic Kitten series
Blackman, Malorie  The Monster Crisp Guzzler
Blake, Quentin    Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave
Blake, Quentin   Zagazoo
Bond, Michael   Paddington Bear series
Bradman, Tony    Dilly the Dinosaur
Bradman, Tony   Happy Ever After (series)
Broad, Michael    Agent Amelia (series)
Brown, Jeff    Flat Stanley
Burningham, John   Avocado Baby
Child, Lauren    Clarice Bean (series)
Childs, Rob    Wicked Day!
Clover, Peter    Sheltie series
Crompton, Richmal  Meet Just William series
Dahl, Roald    The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me
Dahl, Roald    The Enormous Crocodile
Dahl, Roald   The Magic Finger
Dahl, Roald   Fantastic Mr Fox
Dahl, Roald   George’s Marvellous Medicine
Daniels, Lucy    Animal Ark (series)
D’Lacey, Chris    The Dragons of Wayward Crescent
Doherty, Berlie    The Starburster
Edwards, Dorothy  My Naughty Little Sister series
Fine, Anne     Diary of a Killer Cat
Friel, Maeve    Witch in Training
Frost, Adam    Harry Rabbit on the Run
Grahame, Kenneth  The Wind in the Willows
Gray, Kes     Daisy (series)
Griffiths, Andy    The Big Fat Cow that Goes Kapow
Hedderwick, Mairi   Katie Morag Delivers the Mail
Impey, Rose    Titchy Witch series
Johnson, Pete   Invisible Brother
King-Smith, Dick   The Hodgeheg
Mahy, Margaret   The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate
McDonald, Megan   Judy Moody (series)
McKain, Kelly    Pony Camp Diaries series
McLaughlin, Marilyn  Fierce Milly & the Amazing Dog
Milne, A A    Winnie the Pooh
Moray Williams, Ursula Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat
Morpurgo, Michael   The Dancing Bear
Murray, Martine    Henrietta the Great Gogetter
Nimmo, Jenny    Invisible Vinnie
O’Brien, Joe    Alfie Green & the Magical Gift series
Owen, Laura   Winnie the Witch series
Pattern, Brian    Impossible Parents
Pfister, Marcus    The Rainbow Fish : Mini Book
Pilkey, Dav    The Adventures of Captain Underpants
Potter, Beatrix    Tales of Peter Rabbit
Rai, Bali     Soccer Squad: Stars series
Rees, Gwyneth    Fairy Gold
Roberts, David    Dirty Bertie
Ryan, Margaret    Scratch and Sniff
Sendak, Maurice   Where the Wild Things are  
Shoo, Rayner    Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories (adapted)
Simon, Francesca   Horrid Henry series
Stine, R. L     Rotten School series
Storr, Catherine    Polly and the Wolf
Strong, Jeremy    My Granny’s Great Escape
Toksvig, Sandi    The Littlest Viking
Tomlinson, Jill    The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark
Whybrow, Ian    Ian Boy Racer
Whybrow, Ian   Little Wolf’s Book of Badness
Wilson, Jacqueline   Video Rose
White E. B    Stuart Little
White, E.B    Charlotte’s Web


Ahlberg, Janet & Allan   The Bear Nobody Wanted
Almond, David   My Name is Mina
Ashton, Charles   The Boy who was a Bear
Burnett, Frances Hodgson  A Little Princess
Burnett, Frances Hodgson  The Secret Garden
Burnford, Shiela   The Incredible Journey
Byers, Betsy    The 18TH Emergency
Carroll, Lewis    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Cleary, B.     Henry and Ribsy
Cooper, Susan    The Boggart
Colfer, Eoin    Airman
Cresswell, Helen   A Gift from Winklesea
Crompton, Richmal   Just William
Cross, Gillian    The Great Elephant Chase
Dahl, Roald    Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator
Dahl, Roald    The B.F.G.
Dahl, Roald    George’s Marvellous Medicine
Dahl, Roald    Matilda
Dahl, Roald    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Dunlop, Eileen    Finn’s Island
Evans, Lissa    Small Change for Stuart
Fidler, Kathleen   Tuck the Border Collie
Fine, Anne    The Country Pancake
Funke, Cornelia   The Thief Lord (more advanced)
Funke, Cornelia   Dragon Rider (more advanced)
Gaiman, Neil    The Graveyard Book
Gleitzman, Morris   Blabbermouth
Goodhart, Pippa   Flow
Grahame, Kenneth,   The Wind in the Willows
Hardcastle, Michael   The Team that wouldn’t give in
Hardcastle, Michael   Half a Team
Hartnett, Sonya   The Midnight Zoo
Henderson, Kathy   Second Time Charley
Henderson, Kathy   Crow Talk
Hendry, Diana    Sam Sticks and Delilah
Hinton, Nigel    The Finders
Hinton, Nigel    Beavers Towers
Hoban, Russell    Ponders
Horowitz, Anthony    Myths and Legends
Horowitz, Anthony   Spycatcher series
Hughes, Ted    The Iron Man
Hughes, Ted    The Iron Woman
Hughes, Ted    How the Whale Became
Hughes, Ted    The Dream fighter
Hunter, Norman   Professor Branestawm
Ibbotson, Iva    The Secret of Platform 13
Juster, Norton    The Phantom Tollbooth
Jennings, Paul    Unbelievable
Jennings, Paul    Unbearable
Jennings, Paul    Uncanny
Jennings, Paul    Unreal
Jones, Terry    Fantastic Stories
Kemp, Gene    Charlie Lewis plays for time
Kemp, Gene    Tamworth Pig and the Litter
Kemp, Gene    The Clock Tower Ghost
King-Smith, Dick   Paddy’s Pot of Gold
King-Smith, Dick   Horse Pie
Lancelyn Green, R   King Arthur and his Knights
Lewis, C.S.    The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Magorian, Michelle   Goodnight Mister Tom
Milne, A.A.    Winnie The Pooh
Moray Williams, Ursula  Spid
Morpugo, Michael   The Wreck of the Zanzibar
Nabb, Magdelen   The Enchanted Horse
Nesbit, E.    The Railway Children
Ness, Patrick    A Monster Calls
Nimmo, Jenny    The Owl Tree
Norton, Mary    The Borrowers
Norton, Mary    The Borrowers Afield
Pearce, Philippa   Tom’s Midnight Garden
Pearce, Philippa   A Dog so Small
Pratchett, Terry   Diggers
Reeve, Philip    Fever Crumb
Sheldon, Dyan    Harry the Explorer
Smith, Dodie    I Capture The Castle
Smith, Dodie    101 Dalmations
Smith, Dodie    Starlight Barking
Streatfield, Noel   Ballet Shoes
Streatfield, Noel   The Painted Garden
Warburton, Nick   Climbing in the Dark
Westall, Robert   The Christmas Ghost
White, E.B.    Charlotte’s Web
Wilson, Jaqueline   Double Act
Wilson, Jaqueline   Tracey Beaker


Alcott, Louisa May    Little Women
Adams, Richard   Watership Down
Baker, Margaret     Castaway Christmas
Bawden, Nina       The Peppermint Pig 
Blackman, Malorie    Dangerous Reality
Brahmachari, Sita   Jasmine Skies
Breslin, Theresa      Whispers in the Graveyard
Bronte, Charlotte   Jane Eyre
Buckley-Archer, Linda   Gideon the Cutpurse
Coburn, Ann       Worm Songs
Christopher, John         When the Tripods Came      
Cooper, Susan    King of Shadows
Crompton, Richmael    Just William
Cross, Gillian        The Demon Headmaster
Crossley-Holland, Kevin  Gatty’s Tale
Dahl, Roald         Boy
Dickens, Charles   A Christmas Carol
Dowswell,  Paul    Powder Monkey
Dowswell, Paul     Prison Ship
Dowswell, Paul     Battle Fleet
Elboz, Stephen       Bottle Boy
Fine, Anne        Flour Babies
Fisher, Catherine    The Snow Walker’s Son
Fox, Paula    Monkey Island
Funke, Cornelia   The Thief Lord
Gallico, Paul     The Snow Goose
Garfield, Leon      The Sound of Coaches 
Garfield, Leon      The Ghost Downstairs
Garfield, Leon        Adventures of the Boy and the Monkey     
Gibbons, Alan    The Shadow of the Minotaur
Grahame, Kenneth   Wind in The Willows
Halam, Ann        The Haunting of Jessica Raven
Harnett, Cynthia      The Woolpack 
Jarvis, Robin       The Dark Portal 
Jarvis, Robin        The Crystal Prison
Jarvis, Robin    The Whitby Witches
Jarvis, Robin    The Final Reckoning
Jarvis, Robin       The Oaken Throne
Jarvis, Robin       A Warlock in Whitby
Jarvis, Robin          The Whitby Child
Kaustner, Eric      Emil and the Detectives
Kempton, Linda   The Naming of William Rutherford
Kempton, Linda      Who’ll Catch the Nightmares
Kilworth, Gary       The Phantom Piper
Laird, Elizabeth   Crusade
Lewis, C.S    The Chronicles of Narnia
Lively, Penelope     The Driftway 
Lively, Penelope       The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
Lively, Penelope   The Revenge of Samuel Stokes
London, Jack     The Call of the Wild
Loveday, John     Goodbye Buffalo Sky       
Masefield, John    Box of Delights
Magorian, Michelle   Goodnight Mr Tom
Mason, Simon    Moon Pie
McEwan, Ian     The Daydreamer
Mc Caughrean Geraldine   The Death Defying Pepper Roux
Montgomery, L.M.   Anne of Green Gables
Morpugo,  Michael   Warhorse
Paton Walsh, Jill      The Dolphin Crossing
Pitcher Annabel   My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece 
Price, Susan        Head and Tales
Sachar, Louis    Holes
Sedgewick, Marcus   My Swordhand is Singing
Serrallier, Ian    The Silver Sword
Sewell, Anna    Black Beauty
Stagg, James       Clarion Call          
Stannard, Russsell       Black Holes
Stevensen, Robert Louis  Treasure Island
Storr, Catherine      Marianne Dreams
Stewart, Paul             The Wakening
Storr, Catherine       The Mirror Image Ghost
Swindells, Robert   Stone Cold
Tolkein, J.R.R.    Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit
Usher, Frances             Tell Alice
Waugh, Sylvia     The Mennyms
Westall, Robert     Blitzcat 
Westall, Robert      The Wheatstone Pond        
Westwood, Chris       Becoming Julia
Wilson, Jacqueline   The Lottie Project


Adams, Richard      Watership Down 
Almond, David   Skellig
Anderson, Laurie Halse Chains
Bauer, Joan        Squashed
Bawden, Nina       Carrie’s War
Burgess, Melvyn      The Baby and the Fly Pie 
Cooper, Susan      The Dark is Rising 
Cooper, Susan      Over Sea, Under Stone 
Crichton, Michael      The Andromeda Strain 
Cross, Gillian        Wolf        
Cross, Gillian        New World 
Dahl, Roald       Going Solo 
Defoe, Daniel       Robinson Crusoe 
De Saint-Exupery, A  The Little Prince
Dickinson, Peter      The Weathermonger
Doherty, Berlie    Street Child
Dowd, Siobhan    Bog Child
Dowswell, Paul     Powder Monkey
Dowswell, Paul     Prison Ship
Dowswell, Paul     Battle Fleet
Durrell, Gerald          King Arthur 
Garfield, Leon       Devil in the Fog 
Garfield. Leon       Smith 
Garfield, Leon       Mr Corbett’s Ghost
Garner, Alan        Elidor  
Garner, Alan        The Owl Service 
Garner, Alan        A Bag of Moonshine 
Garner, Alan        Red Shift 
Garner, Alan        Seven Strange & Ghostly Tales              
Garner, Alan         The Moon of Gomrath
Garner, Alan        The Weird Stone of Brisingamen 
Gavin, Jamile        The Wormholers 
Geras, Adele    Troy
Gray, Keith   Ostrich Boys
Golding, Julia    Wolf Cry
Goudge, Elizabeth  The Little White Horse
Haggard, H. Rider   King Solomon’s Mines
Hearn, Julie   Rowan the Strange
Hodgeson Burnett, Frances  The Secret Garden       
Howarth, Lesley     Maphead       
Howker, Janni       The Nature of the Beast 
Ibbotson, Eva    Journey to the River Sea
Jacques, Brian       Mossflower
Jacques, Brian       Mattimeo
Jacques, Brian       Martin The Warrior 
Jacques, Brian       Salamandastron
Jacques, Brian      Mariel of Redwall
Jarvis, Robin        The Oaken Throne
Jarvis, Robin       The Woven Path
Landman, Tanya   Apache
Lofting, Hugh        Doctor Doolittle 
Macfarlane, A.       Diary of a Teenage Health Freak 
Mahy, Margaret      Underruners 
Masefield, John         The Box of Delights  
Maxwell, Gavin      Ring of Bright Water
McCaughrean, Geraldine    Plundering Paradise
Morwood, W.       Duncton Wood
Mulligan, Andy   Trash
Pulman, Philip       His Dark Materials Trilogy
Oldham, June        The Foundling
Ransome, Arthur  Swallows and Amazons
Reeve, Philip   Here Lies Arthur
Reid-Banks, Lynne      The Indian in the Cupboard
Rosoff, Meg   The Bride’s Farewell
Rosoff, Meg   What I Was
Sedgwick, Marcus  White Crow
Stannard, Russell      Black Holes 
Steinbeck, John   The Pearl Diver
Sutcliff,Rosemary   The Silver Branch 
Sutcliff, Rosemary  The Eagle of the Ninth 
Sutcliff, Rosemary       Dragon Slayer   
Swindells, Robert       Brother in the Land     
Thurber, James      The 13 Clocks 
Thurber, James      The Wonderful ‘0’ 
Tolkein, J.R.R.       The Hobbit 
Treece, Henry    The Viking Saga
Valentine, Jenny   Finding Violet Park
Waugh, Sylvia       Mennyms in the Wilderness 
Westall, Robert      The Scarecrows 
Westall, Robert   Echoes of War
Winterton, Jeanette   Tanglewreck


Adams, Douglas           The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy          
Bierce, Ambrose   An Occurrence at Owl Creek  
Blackman, Malorie  Noughts & Crosses
Breslin, Theresa   Prisoner of the Inquisition
Buchan, John   The 39 Steps
Childers, Eskine   The Riddle of the Sands 
Clarke, Arthur C.  The 6 Billion Names of God 
Clavell, James   King Rat      
Cobb, Richard   Still Life (A Tunbridge Wells Childhood) 
Colfer, Eoin   Airman
Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur     How the Brigadier won his medal 
Cooper, Susan       The Grey King 
Cooper. Susan       Greenwitch 
Cooper, Susan       Silver on the Tree 
Cooper, Susan       Dawn of Fear 
Cooper, Susan       Seaward 
Cormier, Robert       The Chocolate War 
Cormier, Robert       I am the Cheese   
Cornwell, Bernard        Rebel
Crichton, Michael       Jurassic Park
Dann, Colin         The Animals of Farthing Wood                  
Davies, Lindsay       The Copper Venus       
De Maupassant, Guy      Vendetta          
Dickens, Charles       A Christmas Carol 
Doherty, Beryl      Granny was a Buffer Girl
Dowd, Siobhan   A Swift Pure Cry
du Maurier, Daphne   Rebecca
Filipovic, Zlata       Zlata’s Diary  
Frank, Anne   Diary of Anne Frank
Garfield, Leon       Black Jack
Greene, Graham       The Destructors
Hardy, Thomas       The Withered Arm 
Huxley, Aldous   Brave New World
Lee, Harper         To Kill a Mockingbird   
Hill, Susan         The Woman in Black 
Haddon, Mark    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Hearn, Julie   The Merry Begot
Hemmingway, Ernest      A Farewell to Arms      
Hemmingway, Ernest      The Old Man and the Sea 
Herriot, James       All Creatures Great and Small 
Henry, Maeve        Listen to the Dark 
Heyerdahl, Thor       The Kon-Tiki Expedition 
Hicyilmaz, Gaye      The Frozen Waterfall          
Hornby, Nick        Fever Pitch 
Jacobs, W.W.        The Monkey’s Paw
Jerome, K Jerome    Three Men In A Boat 
Kennen, Ally   Beast
Lawrence, D.H.       The Rocking Horse Winner 
Lloyd, Sacci   Momentum
Martell, Yann   The Life of Pi
Masters, John        Nightrunners of Bengal
Merrick, Anne       Someone Came Knocking 
Milligan, Spike       Adolf Hitler (My Part in his Downfall) 
Minshull, Duncan       Telling Stories 
Mortimer, John        Voyage Round My Father 
Needle, Jan         My Mate Shofiq   
Powys, T.F.         Lie Thee Down Oddity         
Ransome, Arthur      Secret Water 
Renault, Mary        The Last of the Wine 
Rowe, Alick         Voices of War          
Sawyer, Tom           The Adventures of Mark Twain
Sayers, Dorothy       Strong Poison          
Sepetys Ruta    Between shades of grey
Southall, Ivan         Ash Road 
Stiefvater, Maggie   The Scorpio Races
Sutcliff, Rosemary       Black Ships Before Troy
Sutcliff, Rosemary      The Sword and the Circle 
Sutcliff, Rosemary       Warrior Scarlet  
Taylor, Mildred M   Roll of Thunder
Tolkein, J.R.R.       Lord of the Rings     
Townsend, Sue       The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 
Twain, Mark   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Wells, H.G.         War of the Worlds
Wells, H.G.        The Time Machine
Westall, Robert       The Kingdom by the Sea 
Westall, Robert       The Cats of Seroster 
White, T.H.         The Sword in the Stone 
Williamson, Henry       Tarka the Otter 
Wodehouse, P.G.       Joy in the Morning 
Wodehouse, P.G.       The Code of the Woosters 
Wodehouse, P.G.       The Trouble with George 
Wyndham, John       The Chrysalids                
Wyndham, John       The Day of the Triffids 
Zindel, Paul         The Pigman


Jane Austen              Pride and Prejudice
Douglas Adams        The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Harper Lee               To Kill a Mockingbird
George Orwell         Nineteen Eighty-Four
Joseph Heller           Catch-22
Emily Brontë           Wuthering Heights
Sebastian Faulks     Birdsong
Daphne du Maurier Rebecca
JD Salinger             The Catcher in the Rye
Charles Dickens     Great Expectations
Louis de Bernieres Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
Leo Tolstoy             War and Peace
Margaret Mitchell Gone with the Wind
Thomas Hardy       Tess of the D’Urbervilles
George Eliot           Middlemarch
John Irving            A Prayer for Owen Meany
John Steinbeck     The Grapes Of Wrath
Gabriel García Márquez      One Hundred Years Of Solitude
Ken Follett           The Pillars Of The Earth
Charles Dickens    David Copperfield
Nevil Shute          A Town Like Alice
Jane Austen       Persuasion
Frank Herbert    Dune
Jane Austen      Emma
F Scott Fitzgerald     The Great Gatsby
Alexandre Dumas     The Count Of Monte Cristo
Evelyn Waugh        Brideshead Revisited
George Orwell      Animal Farm
Thomas Hardy       Far From The Madding Crowd
Rosamunde Pilcher    The Shell Seekers
John Steinbeck       Of Mice And Men
Stephen King      The Stand
Leo Tolstoy       Anna Karenina
Vikram Seth     A Suitable Boy
Arthur Ransome       Swallows And Amazons
Eoin Colfer      Artemis Fowl
Fyodor Dostoyevsky      Crime and Punishment
Malorie Blackman      Noughts And Crosses
Arthur Golden       Memoirs Of A Geisha
Charles Dickens      A Tale Of Two Cities
Colleen McCollough      The Thorn Birds
Terry Pratchett     Mort
John Fowles      The Magus
Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman      Good Omens
Terry Pratchett      Guards! Guards!
William Golding       Lord Of The Flies
Patrick Süskind       Perfume
Robert Tressell       The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
Terry Pratchett       Night Watch
Donna Tartt       The Secret History
Wilkie Collins      The Woman In White
James Joyce      Ulysses
Charles Dickens      Bleak House
Mervyn Peake       Gormenghast
Arundhati Roy        The God Of Small Things
Aldous Huxley       Brave New World
Stella Gibbons     Cold Comfort Farm
Raymond E Feist     Magician
Jack Kerouac      On The Road
Mario Puzo       The Godfather
Jean M Auel      The Clan Of The Cave Bear
Terry Pratchett      The Colour Of Magic
Paulo Coelho     The Alchemist
Anya Seton     Katherine
Jeffrey Archer      Kane And Abel
Gabriel García Márquez       Love In The Time Of Cholera
Salman Rushdie      Midnight’s Children