High Frequency Words

Phase 2

a an as at if in
is it of off on can
dad had back and get big
him his not got up mum
but the to I no go

Phase 3

will that this then them with
see for now down look too
he she we me be was
you they all are my her

Phase 4

went It’s from children just help
said have like so do some
come were there little one when
out what

Phase 5

don’t old I’m by time house
about your day made came make
here saw very put oh their
people Mr Mrs looked called asked

(Next 200 common words in order)

Water away good want over
how did man going where
would or took school think
home who didn’t ran know
bear can’t again cat long
things new after wanted eat
everyone our two has yes
play take thought dog well
find more I’ll round tree
magic shouted us other food
fox through way been stop
must red door right sea
these began boy animals never
next first work lots need
that’s baby fish gave mouse
something bed may still found
live say soon night narrator
small car couldn’t three head
king town I’ve around every
garden fast only many laughed
let’s much suddenly told another
great why cried keep room
last jumped because even am
before gran clothes tell key
fun place mother sat boat
window sleep feet morning queen
each book its green different
let girl which inside run
any under hat snow air
trees bad tea top eyes
fell friends box dark grandad
there’s looking end than best
better hot sun across gone
hard floppy really wind wish
eggs once please thing stopped
ever miss most cold park
lived birds duck horse rabbit
white coming he’s river liked
giant looks use along plants
dragon pulled We’re fly grow